Titanfall's Next Update Adds Featured Game Modes, New Burn Cards and More

Respawn Entertainment

This next update for Titanfall will be introducing 14 new Burn Cards, a new rotation of Featured Game Modes, additional options and much more.

Respawn Entertainment has announced that there are plenty of new features being added into this upcoming update for its hit first-person shooter, Titanfall. The next major update for Titanfall will include new Featured Game Modes being shuffled into Titanfall's playlist rotation. These Featured Game Modes are Marked For Death, which makes each team protect a special player from opposing forces, and Wingman Last Titan Standing, which is 2v2 gameplay with all four players starting in Titans.

14 New Burn Cards are being added, such as the Amped Electric Smoke and Turbo Engine bonuses. There will now be three Titan AI voices to choose from, adding Jeeves and Lisa to the likes of Betty. The main menu has been redesigned and you will have the option to turn off the game lobby's music. Auto-Titan AI has been improved, and many bugs have been fixed across the PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One versions of Titanfall.

While no release date has been set, Respawn claims that this Titanfall update will be coming soon.

Respawn Entertainment
Respawn Entertainment
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