ThreeZero Toys’ hyper-detailed Titan and Pilot figures, based on Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall, recently went up for pre-order, giving collectors the opportunity to spend an absurd amount of money on an absurdly cool pair of figures.

The massive, 20.5-inch Titan and 6-inch pilot are now available for pre-order at the ThreeZero store for $430. The fully articulated IMC Battle Rifle Pilot figure features a cloth outfit and highly-detailed armor, as well as an R-101C Carbine. Best of all, the pilot can be seated in the cockpit of the Titan figure.

The Titan figure is the real star of the show here, with over 100 points of articulation, an opening cockpit hatch and moveable armor plates on the legs and torso. Five working pistons control the movement of the figure’s waist, and the front vision ball can be rotated to different positions. Two cloth magazine bags sit on the sides of the Titan’s torso, providing ammunition for the included XO-16 Chaingun, which features a detachable ammo drum. Interchangeable red and blue LEDs light up the interior of the Titan’s cockpit and glow on the outside, as well. Two triple-A batteries are not included.

ThreeZero is offering a special deal for those who purchase the Titan and Pilot through the website. These collectors will receive an exclusive ARC Cannon to go alongside the Chaingun.

No specific release date has been announced for the figures, but a fourth quarter 2014 release window is listed. This should give us enough time to strip our houses of all their copper in order to pay for this gorgeous beast.