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Guissepe Foto/Namco Bandai

Sometimes crazy can be a little cute. No fighter exemplifies that more than Soul Calibur's Tira, the game's resident queen of kooky.

The coolest part about the character, other than her slight resemblance to Batman's Harley Quinn at times, is that she is capable of changing her demeanor on the fly. These mood swings give players access to different move sets, so it's like you're playing two characters at once! The duality of her Jolly and Gloomy personas is reflected in her outfit in Soul Calibur 4, which is shown to be darker and more unstable than her green suit in Soul Calibur 3.

Sofi-chan, a cosplayer from Spain, wore both of these outfits, which you can see below. She's even got Tira's trusty ringblade, which is the coolest hula hoop of death that we've ever seen. Anyone who can wear such a snazzy getup while wielding that monster of a ring deserves all of the props we can offer.

If you'd like to see more of Sofi-chan's work, which includes a pretty kickass Eleanor Lamb from BioShock 2, visit her deviantART page! There are also some noteworthy Game of Thrones cosplay pieces in her gallery, so be sure to give those a look!

Middernachtlopper/Guissepe Foto
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Guissepe Foto
Guissepe Foto
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