Remember those cheesy interactive movie games from the '90s? The ones that you could buy for your Panasonic 3DO, like Daedalus Encounter with Tia Carrere? Looks like one of those old interactive movie games is coming to the App Store!

The game is called Tender Loving Care, and was released in 1999 for the PC by the same developers who did The 7th Guest and Point of View. Tender Loving Care starred Michael Esposito, Beth Tegarden, and John Hurt, who must have been broke if he agreed to be in an interactive movie game.

The story is about a couple trying to cope with the loss of their daughter, so they hire a live-in nurse, who happens to be hot as hell, to help them out. Nothing like a smoking hot nurse to help ease the suffering of a heartbroken couple.

The game is the usual mix of puzzles and cheesy movie cut scenes, which means we will be downloading it as soon as it hits the App Store on October 9th. Now will someone please release Daedalus Encounter with Tia Carrere? Pleeeeeeease?

Check out the trailer below.

**Update** Tender Loving Care is now available in the App Store. For a whopping $13.99.