The second video in The Last of Us' development series has been posted today, giving us a look at what the devs at Naughty Dog call '"wasteland beautiful."

Creative director Neil Druckmann is the first to speak about the themes in the game and how a lot of The Last of Us is about contrast. He explains that the dark themes of the story is juxtaposed with the lush environments, that are full of signs of nature reclaiming its territory.

Bruce Straley, the game director, says that the environment should relay what you're supposed to be feeling in the story. Through Joel, players will be able to see just how much humanity has built and how much they've equally lost.

It's interesting to see the artistic direction in The Last of Us and how much attention is given to every aspect of the game, especially the environments. It's cool to know that each setting has a team of lighting artists, modelers, and texture artists.

We're looking forward to experiencing "wasteland beautiful" firsthand when the game is released on June 14th, 2013 on PlayStation 3!

What do you think of the post-apocalyptic world in The Last of Us? Let us know in the comments!