This is the Honey Badger game. The Honey Badger game is just crazy! It's the most fearless game in the animal kingdom. It's really pretty badass and has no regard for other games. And we don't want to make it mad. That's why it's our Free App of the Day!

In this silly little title from MEDL MOBILE, you are the Honey Badger and you are hungry. Fortunately, you just don't give a s#%t. So you can just run all over the place, eating all kinds of gross things -- cobras, scorpions, mice ... whatever you want! Oh, don't forget beehives! All the funny moments from the Internet sensation are here, including narration from Randall, the guy behind the video.

In terms of the game play, you must keep the Honey Badger's strength and hunger meters up by continually chowing down on critters. But you have to make sure that you are eating the right things. If you take a bite out of something bad, you will lose some of your strength meter, which will cause you to fall asleep.

But that doesn't mean you should sleep on this hilarious game! Grab the Honey Badger game today for your iPhone & iPad!