Those Bad Piggies just can't catch a break. According to a tweet from Rovio's official Twitter account, it looks like the Angry Birds will be spoiling the pig party. The latest update to Bad Piggies will include everyone's favorite annoyed avians, who will presumably be trying to destroy their carefully constructed contraptions.

But wait a second. Does this mean that they will be the villians of this game? They may be angry, but we are used to the Angry Birds being the heroes of our mobile physics adventures. The tweet from Rovio doesn't hint at much:

Though it does look like they are chasing after the Bad Piggies. So maybe they will serve as the antagonists. Or perhaps it will be a different type of game? Rovio did tease at some new content a week ago or so that made it seem like they would be implementing some sort of racing element.

We will just have to wait and see as more develops.