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Time for another great genderbending League of Legends cosplay! Let's take a look at the blinged out Gem Knight, Taric.

Taric is a Gem Knight that draws power from crystals and gems. He was trained to be a healer, but he used his affinity with crystals to become a protector instead, shielding others from harm. Taric has gathered many fans thanks to his clean-cut look and the exotic appearance of his gem armor, making him a fantastic addition to our Cosplay of the Day set.

Here is Danielle Beaulieu and her excellent Taric cosplay from Otakon 2013 in Baltimore, Maryland. This shiny Gem Knight looks fantastic in her customized gem armor. Though her shield and overall outfit is smaller than Taric's, it looks exactly like what we'd imagine a female version of the character would look like.

See more of her jaw-dropping League of Legends cosplay on her Facebook profile and let us know what you think of her work.

Anna Cosplay Photography
Anna Cosplay Photography
Eminence Rain
Eminence Rain
Quest Upon Photography

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