Soul Calibur's Talim summons the power of the wind and looks lithe enough to actually ride it. And now she's come in with the breeze to become our Cosplay of the Day!

The character hails from a land in South East Asia, though no specific nation is specified. The names on her move list suggest the Philippines, as do her see-through pants, which resemble the traditional "barong" formal attire that is usually made out of lightweight fabric that comes from pineapple leaf or banana leaf fibers. This would make sense since the region is very hot, and coincidentally, so is the cosplayer wearing this outfit.

Here's Salviani Laura from NikitaCosplay, with a near-perfect portrayal of the petite fighter. She's a French cosplayer who's been in the game since 2006 and even represented France in the World Cosplay Summit in 2008 and 2013. She looks absolutely gorgeous in these pics and even adds a bit of sultriness to the character, who is usually seen as a very innocent and meek person, even if she does kick serious ass with those bladed tonfa.

Check out all of her other work on her deviantART and Facebook pages. You'll find some great examples of Disney-based cosplay and some amazing Neon Genesis Evangelion stuff. Plug suits? Yes, please.