These new details and screenshots of this side story to Borderlands adhere to both Gearbox Software and Telltale Games' standards of quality.

Adam Sarasohn, a Telltale Games producer, has posted on the PlayStation Blog some new details and screenshots of Tales from the Borderlands, Telltale's upcoming collaboration project with Gearbox Software. Tales from the Borderlands is being made in Telltale Games' signature style of graphics and the important plot mechanic where the things you say and do throughout the game determine the path of your character's overall story.

These new screenshots depict Tales' two protagonists, the Hyperion company representative Rhys and con artist Fiona (we wouldn't be surprised if she was somehow an associate of Borderlands' sleazy gun-dealer, Marcus Kincaid). Tales adheres to the Borderland series' trademark brand of taking a plethora of guns and intertwining it all with witty sarcasm. Make sure you keep an eye out for all your favorite Borderlands characters, such as a Claptrap, Zer0, Handsome Jack and the rest of the Vault Hunters.

While no consoles have been officially announced for Tales from the Borderlands, its first episode is estimated to launch sometime later this year, presumably for the consoles that the Borderlands series has already appeared on (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC and eventually PS Vita). Each episode will be $4.99 (a Season Pass discount will be available) and all loot you come across in the game will transfer over to other Borderlands titles in the future.