Take a Look at Battlefield 4's Naval Strike DLC Screenshots


A few screenshots from the Naval Strike downloadable content add-on to Battlefield 4 have just been revealed, giving us a look at what we'll face in the South China Sea.

These official screenshots come courtesy of the Battlefield Blog and are all about action on the high seas. Because of the focus on naval combat, the Naval Strike DLC will feature the amphibious hovercraft vehicle, which will allow you to maneuver around the waves with greater ease.

You'll also get access to four, all-new multiplayer maps. In Lost Islands, you'll have to make your way across a series of fishing villages and a crashed passenger plane. Wave Breaker will feature a naval base that can be infiltrated as well as shipping docks and rocky islands. Nansha Strike is the largest ocean stretch in the Battlefield series, so you can have fun navigating the aquatic terrain. Finally, Operation Mortar offers an abandoned cliff-side resort for you to run around in and frag enemies.

Battlefield 2142's Titan Mode also gets a revamp in Naval Strike, this time as the Carrier Assault game mode. More details about this mode will be revealed soon, but for now we can enjoy these screenshots.

Naval Strike will be released in late March for players with a Battlefield 4 Premium membership.

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