Strider Review (PlayStation 4)
Back near my childhood home, there was a pizza place called Salvatore's. Not only did it have some of the best pizza in the city, but it was also home to one of the few remaining arcade machines in the surrounding area. I spent countless quarters on the Strider arcade machine at Sal's, fro…
Strider Release Date and Other Details Announced
Capcom has announced when Strider, the wall-running shinobi of Marvel vs. Capcom fame, is going to be finally able to be downloaded in his first solo game to be released in 14 years. Luckily, Strider will be hitting your home consoles a lot sooner than you think.
Strider Trailer: Hiryu Has His Hands Full
Move over Ryu Hayabusa, because there's another ninja from the 8-bit glory days poised to blend in a more modern setting. That's right, Strider has returned, and this time he's not starring in another Capcom crossover.
Strider Video: Rad Retro Soundtrack Comparison
Subscribe to Arcade Sushi on Youtube The latest news about Capcom’s Strider  is a video from Capcom-Unity that compares the classic soundtrack of the original game with the remixed tracks in the remake. Capcom-Unity’s GregaMan introduces us to some select tracks from the original …
New Strider Screenshots Slice with the Cypher
Capcom has released a slew of new Strider screenshots that show our hero in all kinds of fast-paced, high-flying action. We’ve got 10 more images to tease us with Strider’s newest exploits. While we’ll have to wait until 2014 to experience all of the ninja-tastic goodness. Judgi…

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