Rain Review
The newest "art game" to hit the PlayStation Network is Rain, from SCE Japan Studio, Acquire and PlayStation C.A.M.P. It tells the story of a boy who meets a girl. Well, at least it tells a story of a boy who's trying to meet a girl, but mysterious circumstances force them further apart at…
Rain Trailer: The Silent Sadness Launches
The PlayStation Network's newest "art game," Rain, has launched and is set to tug at our invisible heartstrings. But what else would you expect from a game about an invisible boy trying to save an invisible girl from invisible monsters?
E3 2013 Preview: Rain
This year, we have been talking a lot about indie games at E3 2013. These interesting titles tread paths that the “me too” AAA games won’t dare to tread. They are magnificent productions of art using light and sound coupled with interactivity to tell stories like none other. Perhaps one of the most …