Plants vs. Zombies

10 Tasty Plants vs Zombies Cakes

by George Roush June 9, 2013 @ 9:08 AM
We here at Arcade Sushi love cake, and we love to see how creative some people can get with their video game inspired desserts. We've already done a feature on 20 Tasty Angry Birds Cakes, so let's tackle another popular iOS title -- Plants vs Zombies. Most of these cake concoctions look the same, but we're betting they all taste like flowers and sunshine instead of zombie brains and shotgun pellets. Bite down on these 10 Tasty Plants vs Zombies Cakes.

Plants vs. Zombies -- Free App of the Day

by Arcade Sushi Staff February 21, 2013 @ 1:04 PM
If there's such a thing already as All Time Classics for iOS, Plants vs. Zombies would certainly be on that list. A longtime member of the Top 10 most dowloaded list on the App Store, popular with both critics and gamers, this title from Pop Cap IS one of the All Time Classics. And now you can get it for free ... for the first time ever! And not just the iPhone Plants vs. Zombies, but the HD iPad version as well. Pop Cap, you are too good to us. Plants vs. Zombies -- today's Free App of the Day!