Plants vs. Zombies

K’nex Plant Vs. Zombies Toys Lurch Towards Us
Construction toy maker K’nex is teaming with PopCap Games, creators of Plants Vs. Zombies, to bring the garden-based tower-defense game to your living room table with buildable play-sets and figures from the series.
Cast That Game: Plants vs. Zombies
Ever wonder what your favorite game would be like as a movie? Well, wonder no more! Arcadesushi's Cast That Game series takes a pain-staking look at your favorite games and, using our crack skills as connoisseurs of pop culture, figure out who to cast in this video game-turned-movie. This week&…
10 Tasty Plants vs Zombies Cakes
We here at Arcade Sushi love cake, and we love to see how creative some people can get with their video game inspired desserts. We've already done a feature on 20 Tasty Angry Birds Cakes, so let's tackle another popular iOS title -- Plants vs Zombies. Most of these cake concoctions look the same, bu…
Plants vs. Zombies — Free App of the Day
If there's such a thing already as All Time Classics for iOS, Plants vs. Zombies would certainly be on that list. A longtime member of the Top 10 most dowloaded list on the App Store, popular with both critics and gamers, this title from Pop Cap IS one of the All Time Classics. And now you can get i…

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