Mass Effect 2

10 Best Robot Buddies in Video Games
These robot pals put their circuits on the line to get us to the end of their respective games and they do it in sheer, sleek style. These are the 10 best robot buddies in video games.
Mad Moxxi vs. Miranda Lawson – Cosplay Clash
This is it, folks. If Moxxi manages to win against Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect 2, then she’ll be inducted into the Cosplay Hall of Fame. Make those votes count! Katy-Angel’s Mad Moxxi is on the last leg of her journey to greatness. She’s defeated foe after foe in the Clash, …
Mad Moxxi vs. Jack – Cosplay Clash
Mad Moxxi’s hot streak is heating up even more, especially now that she’s defeated Ulala. Moxxi’s used to hunting psycho bandits, but how will she fare against Mass Effect’s Jack, a psycho with biotic powers? Katy-Angel’s Mad Moxxi doesn’t seem to show any s…