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Marvel Run Jump Smash Review (iOS)
Marvel Entertainment’s Marvel Run Jump Smash brings some of your favorite comic book characters to iOS form, blending traditional endless runner-style gameplay with the glitz and glamour of superheroes.
Avengers Alliance Review
Although I grew up a devout fan of the Marvel Universe, I didn't take any time to play Marvel: Avengers Alliance since wasting my days on Facebook is not my cherished dream. I'd rather eat the hours tapping on an iPad, which makes the iOS launch of Avengers Alliance absolutely enticing.
Marvel vs. DC: Which Comic Company Has the Best Games?
Marvel games. DC games. Pitting the two comic companies against each other is such a natural progression that we're kicking ourselves for not having done it already. We've seen these characters face off in the comic world, so let's check out what happens when we pit their games agains…

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