Divekick Review
The wait is over. The one true fighting game has come. Divekick has finally been released on PS3, PS Vita and Steam, and it is as glorious as we expected it to be. We got a chance to try all three versions out for ourselves recently. Here is what we thought.
10 Reasons Why You Should Play Divekick
Tomorrow, the greatest fighting game to ever have been designed is going to hit Steam, the PS3, and the PS Vita. Yes, I am talking about Divekick, the game where the controls are Dive and Kick, the characters are Dive and Kick, and the strategy is Dive and Kick...
E3 2013 Preview: Divekick
Fighting games were in short supply at E3 2013. Luckily, one fighting game was badass enough to represent the entire fighting game community and then some. That game is Divekick, the one true fighting game, and a release that you should be looking forward to in the near future.
Uncle Sensei Joins the Divekick Roster
In a stream last night, the team at Iron Galacy Studios revealed Uncle Sensei, the latest addition to the Divekick roster. Uncle Sensei teaches the art of divekicking out of the New Angel Dojo in Bel-Air, which he also lives in … but may not actually own. Having perfected the art of the divekick so …