Devil May Cry

Stylish Combat and Iconic Characters: Celebrating Devil May Cry 3
Devil May Cry is just one of many of the fantastic franchises Capcom was regularly fielding in the last few decades. Its utterly stylish blend of melee combat and gunplay mixed with numerous enemies and over-the-top boss fights have influenced a ton of hack n’ slash action games that would co…
Devil May Cry 2: Cry Harder Turns 13
It's time to look at Dante's dark side as we explore the history of one of Capcom's worst sequels— a sequel that is shunned by so many fans of the franchise, people claim that it's not even Dante starring as the protagonist. In typical sequel fashion, after the original De…
Dante (Devil May Cry) – Cosplay of the Day
Every now and then we come across a great crossplay that really makes us go, "Hmm. Yeah, that's probably what that character would look like as a girl." In today's Cosplay of the Day, we one such crossplay, featuring a female version of Devil May Cry's Dante.