Enter to Win an Ant-Man Miniature Xbox One Prize Pack

by Luke Brown December 14, 2015 @ 9:18 AM
Thanks to Ant-Man, we know Pym particles allow you to shrink down to the size of an insect, but there isn't a whole lot to do when you're that small. Yeah, you can play with ants and explore the insides of an apartment building just fine, but when you're miniaturized, there's no video games or movies to watch. But what if old Hank Pym had used his technology to bring all his home entertainment system needs down to microscopic levels? Imagine having a miniature Xbox One to use when you were tired of talking with the ants. Of course, you probably wouldn't be able to bring any game discs or Blu-rays with you down to that level, so you'd mostly rely on digital download codes to get by. Yeah, that makes total sense. In fact, it makes so much sense, we found a way to develop that very thing in case the world ever needed it. Instead of keeping it for ourselves, we're giving it away to you lucky readers.

Enter to Win an Iron Man 3 Lego Prize Pack

by Luke Brown May 7, 2013 @ 8:09 AM
Marvel's Iron Man 3 blew the roof of the box office this past weekend, cashing in with an opening weekend of nearly $175 million. Only Marvel's The Avengers was better, and now the comic publisher owns the top two opening weekends of all time. We got swept up in all the Iron hype, and went a little crazy at the Lego store this weekend. Lucky for you, we're such nice guys, and we'll be giving away a handful Iron Man 3 Lego sets.