Swapnote for the Nintendo 3DS has received some updates. Does it come with an option to make passing 3DS owners less creepy? Sadly, no.

Swapnote lets you trade cute, handwritten messages in three dimensions. You can trade notes with your friends via the internet and the 3DS's StreetPass function. But with this new update, you aren't limited to simple handwritten notes and drawings anymore. Swapnote has gone a bit more high tech than that.

Now, when you reply to someone, you can include a photo, video, or audio message. You can also use different pens for each page of your notes and even undo your last pen strokes. The update also includes some general performance enhancements and utility features that will allow users better sorting and deleting options.

Now when you're passing your friends on the street, you can trade a bit more than some boring old drawings.