Super Mario 64's First Level Made in Lego Form

Matt De Lanoy

Watch out for that massive Chain Chomp, someone remade Bob-omb Battlefield from Super Mario 64 and it looks amazingly detailed.

Thanks to Dorkly, we have found out about this stellar, LEGO-made depiction of Bob-omb Battlefield. For those who don't remember, Bob-omb Battlefield was the first level in Super Mario 64. We remember being fully captivated the first time we played Super Mario 64 -- it really was the first title to successfully take gaming to the third dimension. It even introduced the rotatable, controllable camera, which is still an industry standard for most third-person action games today. We'll never forget the duel against the Big Bob-omb on the mountain summit for the first star and racing against Koopa the Quick back up the mountain after that.

We must applaud Matt De Lanoy, aka Pepa Quin, for recreating all the details of this beloved Mario stage. Now if only Nintendo would authorize an official Legend of Zelda LEGO set.

Matt De Lanoy
Matt De Lanoy
Matt De Lanoy

Just make sure you play this song while looking at Matt De Lanoy's other pictures of LEGO Bob-omb Battlefield.

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