War Balloon Games, the guys behind Kickstarted-funded project Star Command, have announced via a Facebook post that they will not make their self-imposed deadline of a January release.

For the five thousand some backers of this project, that will come as a bit of a disappointment. But whatever it takes to make the game better, we are behind. While they have posted that information to their Facebook page, War Balloon has not updated their Kickstarter page with any new details.

According to one of the devs in the FB post:

We had a play testing run-through with average gamers in Boulder, CO last week and the tutorial is not up to snuff - they were getting lost. So in hopes of making this game as accessible as possible we are revising this - not a big deal - but something.

War Balloon cites Apple's review process, some stealthy programming bugs, and a few wonky launch features as all contributing factors to the delay. But delays seem to be par for the course.

We were still in the dark when we took a look at Star Command back in October. But at this point, they've missed enough development dates that it's kind of par for the course. So might as well get it right, right?

We'll let you what that date is when we get word of more info. If you haven't seen it yet, check out the teaser trailer that was released back in the spring: