The strange and captivating trailers for Simogo's Year Walk have been catching our eye ever since they started appearing back in early September. Their trailer for Halloween was particularly spooky. While there has been no specific release date, it looks like Year Walk might surprise everyone soon.

According to the developer's blog, they want to have the game in the App Store by the end of February. Score! Though the release date is still not set in stone.

According to Simogo's Simon Flesser:

We do not want to promise things we cannot keep and we will get back to you with a definite date once the game has been approved.

One of the main things that has us so interested in this title is that Simogo is also responsible for the award-winning, colorful, and charming rhythm puzzle game Beat Sneak Bandit. So for Simogo's next title to be this creepy and pretty ... well, it's unexpected to say the least.

"Have you ever been lost in the forest, and you realize that you are walking in circles?" Flesser asks in his blog post. "That is a scary and confusing feeling. We have tried to capture that feeling in this game."

If you're as on board as we are, then hopefully we'll all see Year Walk available in the App Store sometime around the end of February.