For the first time, Sony has teamed with developer to create an audio experience specifically tailored for a single game on the Pulse-Elite wireless headset.

Sony revealed the all-new listening mode on the PlayStation Blog, where it detailed just what made the new feature worthwhile. Using the Pulse-Elite's BassImpact technology, Sony said the impact of gunshots and explosions would be felt much more dynamically. According to Sony, the headset team worked closely with Irrational to examine, "characteristics of sounds such as frequency and amplitude as well as gameplay data like attack times," which were used to create a fuller, richer sound environment in the headset.

The new mode is available to download on the PlayStation Store for free, but will only work with the Pulse-Elite manager, also on the PSN. It's curious that Sony hasn't done this for one of its first-party games yet, but owners of the headset will likely be begging for more of these features as more Sony exclusives arrive.