Are you craving some crossover action? Strap on your boots and don your favorite pointy, green hat, because some new downloadable content for Sonic: Lost World will give us some Legend of Zelda love.

The newest DLC available for Sonic: Lost World takes us to The Legend of Zelda Zone, which is full of classic Zelda locations, a new quest, a new outfit to wear and some cameos from some of gaming's greatest characters. Of course, the Hero of Time will be present as well, albeit the Skyward Sword version, riding a Loftwing.

Sonic will rush across the fields of Hyrule, dash around Dodongo's Cavern and use the Black Bomb Color Powers in order to find secret rooms, loot hidden chests and get all kinds of goodies for his troubles.

The Blue Blur will do all of this in style as he dons the raiments of the legendary Link himself, from the green tunic to the leather gloves. We never knew we needed this kind of crossover, but we're pretty stoked that it's happening.

Download it now for free on the Wii U for Sonic: Lost World.