Sol Badguy (Guilty Gear Series) - Cosplay of the Day

Anna Fischer/Arc System Works

Got a bit of a gender-bend for today's Cosplay of the Day, folks! Sol Badguy is the misnamed anti-hero and protagonist of the Guilty Gear fighting series. But in today's feature, we have Sol Badgirl!

Sol's known by his gruff demeanor and lazy attitude. Though he may seem like he's generally a worthless dude, he can light things up in a fight and give his opponents a reason to worry. His sword is unique in that it's square, blunt, and can release a flurry of flame during some attacks. Whatever people might think of him because of his name and his perceived personality, Sol's actually a pretty cool dude with some pretty hot moves.

Cosplaying her Sol Badgirl outfit is DeAnna Davis, an art student who dabbles with costume design. Well, her skills definitely shine through in her costume, which is a pretty accurate depiction of what Sol would look like if he was a girl. Add that awesome sword into the mix and you've got a grade-A cosplay!

Check out more of DeAnna's artistic achievements on her deviantART page and take a look at some of her other gender-bending cosplay!

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Donna L
Donna L
Donna L
Donna L
Donna L

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