It takes a lot to weird us out, but this Slowpoke reggae song is both catchy and creepy. To top things off, the song was posted on the official Pokemon YouTube page.

Thanks to Kotaku, we have watched the most trippy Pokemon-based music video we have ever seen. "Donai Yanen Yadon" (どないやねん ヤドン) is the song's title, which is roughly translated as, "Hey, you're a Slowpoke after all." For those who didn't know, Slowpoke's Japanese name is "Yadon." We're pretty sure the name for Mega Slowbro is the same word for 'Beyblade.'

As you watch the video, you get to see some weird animations of Slowpoke's derpy face. You also get to see multiple Slowpokes form centipede-like circles by biting each others' tails. The song's lyrics are just as weird, with lines such as "is it something to be proud of that you move so slowly that you never blur photos?" It's certainly no Weird Al in terms of musical comedy, but we'll take it.

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