Slot Revolution is a role playing game whose combat system rests on how well you spin a virtual slot machine. Placing a hero on a dangerous quest is certainly a gamble, but what happens when you add an unseen lever and a casino element to the mix? Is this an inane idea by Konami, or is Slot Revolution worth a few spins?

The app is free to play, and although you will need to replenish a stamina bar on occasion and put your device down after numerous spins, Slot Revolution is not a blatant cash grab. There are in-app purchases, and if you want to throw some money at this freemium experience, it's not a bad investment. Gamers needing to tighten their belt should rest assured, as this app can be enjoyed without losing your personal coin.

When starting the game, you can choose among three classes (Wizard, Ranger, Warrior), as your main character, and two other members will join your party for the battles. These extra fighters can either be randomly chosen or personally selected. To fight your various enemies, just spin the reels and let the fates decide.

If Slot Revolution was simply a gambling app disguised as an RPG, it would exist as a solely one-dimensional, if not mildly entertaining, experience. Its actual draw originates from its customization features. As you progress within each level, you are given coins and items from various victories. The currency can be used to buy different weapons, but more importantly upgrade or even evolve your items.

To increase your attack stats, powering up your weapon is employed by fusing the item with other materials that you've collected. Once the weapon's upgrade abilities are maxed out, it can evolve into an entirely different killing instrument. As much as I love pulling slots in Sin City, I've spent more hours fine tuning swords, axes and maces as an RPG fanatic, and Slot Revolution has enough upgrade features to keep you pleasantly occupied.

Depending on your luck or your weapon honing skills, there is that occasional time when your warriors will perish. Still, there is a lack of difficulty in Slot Revolution which may perplex some gamers, but for all intents and purposes, its seamless and easy to pick up style absolutely won me over. There are other in-depth RPG adventures I can explore on my iPad during the more relaxing hours of the day, but if you need a little taste of sword and sorcery while sitting down for lunch or waiting for daily cup of joe, Slot Revolution fits the bill.

Several hours into the title, I'm still not bored with the game's spin mechanic, mainly thanks to all the weaponry and suits I need (and want) to upgrade. Leveling up and watching my weapons and suits of armor evolve may take time, but I'm more than up to the task.

Slot Revolution is one of those rare apps that knows how to effectively employ the freemium model, as it gives gamers a ton of action without any mandatory in-app purchase. I may spend most of my RPG hours hooked on Infinity Blade III, but if I need a quick fix, I'll know this app's just a few spins away.


App Store Link: Slot Revolution for iPhone & iPad | By Konami Digital Entertainment | Price: Free | Version: 1.11 | 46.7 MB | Rating 12+

7.0 out of 10 arcade sushi rating