Dawnguard, one of several add-ons for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, is now available for download on the PlayStation Store. During its launch week, the downloadable content is 50 percent off, as PlayStation 3 owners can currently purchase the title for $9.99.

With Dawnguard, players are up against the Vampire Lord Harkon, a bloodsucker who's bent on vanquishing the sun! Will your Dragonborn join the Dawnguard and stop Harkon? Or is becoming a Vampire Lord just too tasty to pass up?

It's nurturing and nourishing to build your own home with the Skyrim DLC Hearthfire. For gamers who aren't ready for the domestic life, getting werewolf perks or choosing the vampire life is what Dawnguard is all about. Learning the new shout Soul Tear, which removes the souls from your victims, seems a bit more thrilling than playing house.

New creatures, including death hounds, gargoyles, and armored trolls are also ripe for battle in Dawnguard. Plus, who doesn't love DLCs that feature heroes checking out an open sky?