Today's featured Cosplay of the Day isn't so much a character from a video game, but a representation of a character you could create in one. It's Sister Benedron, a Human Priest  in Tier 5 armor, who is one of the action figures from DC Unlimited's Series 3 World of Warcraft collection!

While she's not actually a character from canon, Sister Benedron represents the kind of character that one can create and gear out in World of Warcraft. The modified Tier 5 Priest armor is one that looks deadly yet somehow still gives off an air of benediction and healing. Anyone who's ever played a Priest knows exactly the kind of duality the class sports, since it's able to inflict great damage and torment to its enemies while healing and guarding its friends.

Here with the Sister Benedron outfit is Xero Cosplay, from the United States. As you can see from the outfit, lots of work went into sculpting the wings and the trim on the armor. She had help from AmazonMandy to construct the wings and accurately portray Andy Bergholtz's sculpture, the result of which is slightly breathtaking.

If you want to see Xero cosplay a character that is in the game, check out her deviantART and take a look at the High Inquisitor Whitemane outfit she rocks! She's almost the spitting image of the Scarlet Monastery boss.

Xero Cosplay
The Kaijin
The Kaijin