SimCity isn't having the smoothest of launches, which is to be expected from an online game, but EA Origin still wants to allay the fears of international Sims fans.

EA Origin released an update on Twitter, telling folks that they're working hard to prevent any further issues when it comes to the game and Origin should be stable for when the game is released internationally.


A look down in the replies shows us that customers are still having loads of SimCity woes, even when it comes to just opening the game. Connectivity issues have been plaguing the title like one of the in-game disasters that ravage a well-planned burg. Launching an online game always brings initial troubles, but SimCity's seem to be causing a lot of grumbling among customers.

Some of their grievances include waiting 3 hours+ for customer service support, credit card and PayPal issues, unsuccessful attempts to download files as small as 42MB, long wait times to get in the game, and a few customers can't even access the download for the game since it is grayed out in Origin.

Hopefully a fix for all of these issues is coming soon, but for now the troubles are even causing sites like Polygon to re-rate their reviews of the game.


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