He-Man The Most Powerful Game in the Universe has gotten a new update, which introduces Adam's twin sister, Adora, to the game. Who is Adora, you ask? Why, She-Ra of course!

The Princess of Power, She-Ra, is now a playable character in update 1.1 of this popular action game. The update includes unique items and upgrades for the most powerful female in the universe. The update includes a new skin layover for the world map, store and loading screen.

You can also summon Swift Wind, a winged talking unicorn that helps She-Ra in her quest to help He-Man stop Skeletor and his minions. There are also new levels, a secondary control scheme, an improved game tutorial, and some minor bug fixes. It's an awesome update! Click to grab He-Man The Most Powerful Game in the Universe for your iPhone & iPad and don't forget to vote for it in our 2012 Arcade Sushi iOS Awards!

Here are some screenshots from the update.