We've got a little something different for you today, folks. As you know, we love alternative looks for some of our favorite characters. So today we've got a smexy version of that classic monarch, Nintendo's Princess Peach.

Princess Peach has known more than her fair share of perils, always being the victim of kidnapping at the claws of Bowser and his ilk. But she's also shown that she can take care of herself, be it on the tracks in Mario Kart or in the arenas of Super Smash Bros. This makes Peach one of the more versatile characters in the Nintendo universe, and one of the most accomplished royals to ever serve in the Mushroom Kingdom.

Here is old favorite Liz Katz in her Sexy Princess Peach outfit. The costume stays true to Peach's look, complete with the long stockings and gloves, all while giving it a tantalizing boost. The addition of the tiny crown is the icing on the royal cake and the fact that this set was shot in front of a castle is just an awesome touch.

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