Sarah Kerrigan - Cosplay of the Day


The Queen of Blades may just be a "ghost" of her former self, but that doesn't mean she wasn't a looker back before her zergification.

We're sure there's a probably an audience for the infested version of Kerrigan, but we prefer the human look, thank you. Here's StarCraft's beloved psychic, Sarah Kerrigan, all decked out in her ghost outfit. She's being cosplayed by Zeraphie from the US, who's rocking it as the former Terran.

She's got all of the components of the outfit put together very well. The colors give off a cool, arctic vibe, though we're sure it can get pretty hot in there. We can't tell for sure whether or not her outfit lights up, but the goggles do, and that's enough to get some bonus points from us.

If you'd like to see more of Zepharie's costuming awesomeness, head down to her deviantART page and browse through her gallery. And unlike Kerrigan, we can promise that she won't try to zerg-rush the galaxy.

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