Volition has released the video of its PAX East demo for Saints Row 4, which features a better look at the new powers, weapons, and vehicles we'll be using in the upcoming sequel.

We heard a lot of hype about the Dubstep gun, but we didn't believe what people were saying. Now that we've seen the musical weapon in action, we're fully on board with whatever else Volition wants to throw at us. Saints Row has always been about fun, and less about serious business like some other open world games. That's worked to its advantage in the past, and from what we've seen of the latest entry, we're inclined to believe that trend will continue.

Volition also walks us through the new super-powers we'll be able to wield, including flight and super-speed. There's also a closer look at the alien menace that's forced you into the role of the U.S. President. That makes total sense, and is the most logical thing ever.

Saints Row 4 is coming on August 20th, and after seeing this gameplay footage, we're dying to get our hands on the game.