Everyone’s favorite Velvet Room attendant is also everyone’s greatest nightmare. This cheery, bob-sporting young woman is also available as an Ultimate Boss in Persona 3: FES. If you’re sadistic enough to want to fight her, you’ll have to seek her out first by wading your way through a dungeon, all by your lonesome. If you take any party members with you, she’ll one-hit kill you. If you have any personas that nullify certain attacks, she’ll one-hit kill you. She can even attack multiple times in a row. Elizabeth will also mock your attempts to damage her by fully healing her HP when it drops to a certain point and then laugh at you while you sob into your controller. You’ll need to max out everything and tread carefully with a good strategy, otherwise you’ll end up bashing your head through your television screen. The bottom line is that she’s bad news and is the reigning queen of our 10 Most Aneurysm-Causing RPG Boss Fights.