Rovio knows how to stay ahead of the game. For a limited time, Rovio has all seven of its titles on sale, on the iPad no less, for only a buck. Holy squawk!

The company announced it on Twitter earlier today:

And boy, it's quite a list! Even though the big boys of mobile gaming universe don't really have to do much to keep raking it in, they still know how to treat their fans well (not to mention lure in new ones).

Rovio Games On Sale:

Angry Birds -- [iTunes] [Amazon]

Angry Birds Seasons -- [iTunes] [Amazon]

Angry Birds Rio -- [iTunes] [Amazon]

Angry Birds Space -- [iTunes] [Google Play / Amazon]

Angry Birds Star Wars -- [iTunes] [Google Play / Amazon]

Amazing Alex -- [iTunes] [Google Play / Amazon]

Bad Piggies -- [iTunes] [Google Play / Amazon]

What are you waiting for? Get to downloading! There are a ton of great games on this list!