The creators of the world wide phenomenon Angry Birds doubled their annual revenue last year. Why? We think it has something to do with stuffed animals.

Rovio has racked up 1.7 billion downloads for their catalog of games. But, while that was the lion's share of their revenue, a whopping 45% came from merchandising. That age old marketing plan that George Lucas developed into a science has helped Rovio double their yearly revenue to $195.6 million. That means they sold an incredible amount of giant stuffed irate red birds.

Rovio also chocks up the successful year to the release of Amazing Alex and Bad Piggies, which both did exceedingly well. With the wildly successful release of Angry Birds Star Wars, Rovio has proven that they're still a company we're willing to still throw fists of money at. Lets just hope they don't squander that good will, or we'll be the angry ones.