Almost all of the art from Grand Theft Auto 5's cover had been released before, but Rockstar is helping you complete your own mosaic with new larger images.

The box art for GTA 5 features cropped versions of key art released over the past few months. Some of the images that complete the puzzle were never shown at full scale before, but Rockstar has just released two new wallpapers to highlight the few remaining pieces.

Michael has taken to his jet ski out by the pier, as he's chosen to take the aquatic route to get away with his giant duffel bag of money. Franklin however is a bit more pragmatic in his approach, and opts to take his dirt bike through the Los Santos aqueducts to make his getaway. The familiar Rockstar and GTA art style makes every piece of artwork really pop, but the dichotomy between the two images makes both rather striking.

Enjoy the new wallpapers below while you wait for Grand Theft Auto 5 to arrive in September, and let us know how you plan to make your escape in the comments.