Looking for more information about Road Not Taken, a puzzle game coming to PlayStation 4, PS Vita, PC and Mac? We've got you covered.

A slew of screenshots and a new trailer were posted to the PlayStation Blog by David Edery, the CEO of Spry Fox. Edery explained the puzzle systems that exist in Road Not Taken, such as the randomly-generated roguelike procedural puzzles that change. In Road Not Taken, terrains might transition into new ones, like a peaceful glade turning into a haunted grove.

He also touched on the hand-crafted puzzles and set pieces that aren't completely random, but help the player experience moments that stick out in their mind. These sequences are supposed to be akin to "boss battles." You can see examples of both styles of gameplay in the trailer above.

You can take a look at some new screenshots, as well as a GIF, below and look out for Road Not Taken when it's released of PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Mac.