Final Fantasy 8's Rinoa is a gaming icon whose popularity helped immortalize her in the minds of Final Fantasy fans everywhere. It's only fitting that many cosplayers pay homage to her looks, which is why we're featuring her as today's Cosplay of the Day. 

Rinoa is introduced to us as a member of a resistance group called the Forest Owls. She runs around with her trusty dog Angelo and has an air about her that's definitely flirty, but with a sense of kindness as well. She's known for the angel wings on her sweater, but her most memorable outfit would be her dress at the SeeD ball at Balamb Garden, where she first meets Squall.

This is AlouetteCosplay, a cosplayer with a love for horror movies, video games, photography and reading. Here she is as Rinoa, lovingly recreating the scenes from the game when she's alone in a field. We like the use of feathers, which are some of Rinoa's trademark symbols, and that fact that she's mostly horizontal in this shoot. We'd love to see how she'd look in Rinoa's ballroom outfit!

Check out more of her cosplay work, which encompasses everything from games to anime, on her deviantART. Let us know if you were enchanted by this Rinoa cosplay.

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