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Fighting games are a great source of inspiration for cosplayers, thanks to their colorful casts of characters with varied looks. Today's Cosplay of the Day comes from a fighting game that might be a little obscure, but is great fun to play. Let's check out Rider, from Fate/Unlimited Codes.

Rider is actually Medusa, the famous Gorgon from Greek mythology whose gaze could turn you to stone. But instead of having a head full of snakes, Rider's got flowing lilac locks that look like a pain to maintain. She's one of the most powerful servants in the Holy Grail War, but also one of the prettiest.

Here is Giulia Hellsing, a Brazilian cosplayer, dressed up in Rider's default outfit. As you can see, Rider favors the color purple and wears a simple getup with no frills. If we were her, we'd probably put our hair up in a bun before heading into battle, but we guess she'd prefer to keep her tresses long in order to dazzle her enemy.

Take a look at Giulia's other cosplay work on her deviantART, which includes characters from League of Legends, Black Rock Shooter, and various anime series.

√Čverton AnHell

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