Hyperkin, the company behind some of the best retro gaming consoles, is revealing their newest creation at Midwestern Gaming Classic. The RetroN 4 will be adding some new features that classic gamers wished they'd had back in the good old days of gaming.

The current console, the RetroN 3, already plays NES, SNES, and Sega Genesis games. This new console will add support for GBA, bringing the slot count up to four. It will also feature a total of eight controller ports, two for each system. Those old controllers you have lying around will be useful once more. It will also feature Bluetooth compatibility for wireless controllers which is something we always dreamed about whenever someone stepped on a wire in the middle of a heated Mario Kart battle.

One of the biggest highlights is the system's HDMI support which will allow you to play your favorite games on a high def TV. Who knows, maybe they'll look even better than you remember!

Another new feature is the digital interface that will let you switch between systems and reassign buttons on each of the controllers. No longer will you be slave to crappy retro button mapping.

Finally, if you have any foreign games hanging around, you'll be happy to know that the RetroN 4 will play PAL as well as NTSC formatted cartridges. That strange mail order Japanese game you never got to play may finally see the light of day.

There are no details as to a release date for the new platform, but when it does, it'll be a welcome edition to any retro gamer's TV stand.