Resident Evil HD Remake's Before and After Screenshots


These new screenshots of the remake of the 2002 version of Resident Evil look amazing when compared its source material.

Back in 2002, Capcom decided to spruce up Resident Evil by remaking the Playstation classic exclusively on the Nintendo Gamecube. This remake didn't just make Resident Evil prettier, it added loads of new content and game mechanics, updating the game for a new generation.

Well, it's another new gaming generation, and with it comes the opportunity to touch up this classic once again. Capcom's Resident Evil HD remake promises to re-enhance this already enhanced port with some fine, new features. The HD remake will include an alternate control scheme more in line with modern gaming — so no longer will you be forced to swivel and pivot your way through the Umbrella Mansion. To accommodate the 16:9 proportions of most modern TVs, Resident Evil HD's camera will scroll around dynamically to match players movements, helping keep things looking nice while making sure you've got a full view of the action. Lastly, there will be a few more extras, like HD surround sound, added to this port, as well as some impressive 1080p graphics. Just check out the comparison pictures below to see this REmake's beauty for yourself.

Resident Evil HD Remake - Capcom
Resident Evil for Gamecube - Capcom
Resident Evil HD Remake - Capcom


Resident Evil for Gamecube - Capcom
Resident Evil HD Remake -  Capcom

The Resident Evil HD remake is due to hit Xbox One and Playstation 4 in early 2015.

Those new screenshots of Resident Evil are looking pretty creepy. We might have to update this video.

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