Having archers in video games seems to be a big thing these days, so how about we take a look at an archer from gaming's recent past? Let's check out Reimi Saionji from Star Ocean: The Last Hope, our Cosplay of the Day!

In a nutshell, Reimi's a girl who has a sunny disposition, a best friend named Edge Maverick, and archery skills that would put Robin Hood to shame. She goes off on a voyage with the Space Reconnaissance Force after a catastrophic war has destroyed most of the earth and its population. Her job is to help find a new home for humanity while neutralizing the dangers in space with her trusty bow.

This outfit, created by the always-amazing Natasha of the Lifestream Russian cosplay group, is an exact copy of Reimi's suit from the game. She's even recreated Reimi's futuristic bow, complete with the SRF logo on the side. We only regret that we couldn't show the pics she had of one of the Private Actions one can engage in while playing the game, in which Edge accidentally catches Reimi in the shower. They're, uh -- a little too steamy and slightly NSFW.

If you'd like to see more of her amazing outfits, check out her deviantART and see where she stands on our 25 Hottest Cosplay Girls List!