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Some of you may remember Rumble Roses, a game that came out for the PS2 and starred a bevy of hotties who wrestled the crap out of each other in the ring. Well, then you might remember Reiko Hinomoto, who was plastered all over the box art!

Today's featured cosplay is Reiko, the fetching young wrestler from Yokohama, Japan. According to a short interview from the game, she loves the color red, likes boys who are shy and sweet, and worries a lot about her nutrition. And oh yeah, she can twist your body around while dropping you on your neck. What's not to love, right?

Here's Brazilian cosplayer, Carolina Michelli as the rumblin' rose herself, clad in Reiko's default outfit that's featured on the cover of the game. We're not seeing much to complain about, since the entire outfit seems to be 100% accurate. The only thing that might be askew is the hair, but we'll let it slide because we don't think Carolina had access to a big fan.

Come check out the rest of Carolina's artistic endeavors on her deviantART page, which is where you'll find a pretty decent Team Rocket cosplay that's only missing a talking Meowth!

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