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Is that another Katarina cosplay we see? Yes, it is! In today's Cosplay of the Day, we've summoned up some more great League of Legends cosplay, so jump in and check out Red Card Katarina.

You won't want to run afoul of this version of the deadly assassin, Katarina. She's traded in the leather and daggers in exchange for stripes, shorts, and a handy red card. It makes sense that she'd have a red card, because she's used to taking people out of the game, one way or another.

Here is SoGoodbye, a Taiwanese cosplayer who's got a pretty alluring version of Red Card Katarina. We have no idea why she's on a pool table instead of a soccer field, but you won't be hearing any complaints from us. She's even got a red card handy to let us know if we're to suffer any penalties.

Check out more of SoGoodbye's work on deviantART and let us know if you'd challenge any of this ref's calls.


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