Record-Breaking Super Mario Bros. Speed Run Blows Minds


YouTube user LordSaradoc has posted a video of his world record-breaking speed run on Super Mario Bros.

LordSaradoc’s new record stands at 4:57:69, beating YouTube user BunkerTR’s previous record of 4:58:00, set in July 2012. The new record holder uses warp pipes to quickly skip about 90% of the game’s content, and takes advantage of every advanced trick in the book to complete the classic title in less than five minutes, including lip jumps, flagpole glitches and wall jumps. It’s a stressful viewing experience for veterans of SMB, as Saradoc narrowly avoids Piranha Plants and Hammer Bros. while flying through the game.

While this player’s achievement is pretty impressive, his revelation that he played on an emulator kind of mitigates the excitement. While emulators offer an easy, convenient way to experience classic games, they aren’t always 100% accurate. Even worse, they are easily modded, allowing players to use sneaky tricks like slow-motion and rewinding to achieve otherwise unattainable scores and times. For me, the world record holder for a Super Mario Bros. speed-run has to play it on an NES with an NES controller, preferably while their mother calls them to dinner for the sixth time. She’s not going to tell you again…

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