Rare games are rare for a reason. You can't find them anywhere. Sure, one may occasionally pop up on Ebay, but if you expect to find one at your local flea market or Goodwill, you may as well give up now. Unless you're this North Carolina woman who happened to strike it rich at her local Goodwill.

An unidentified woman found one of the 25 Most Expensive Video Games on the market today. She purchased an almost near-mint copy of Stadium Events for the NES. How much did she pay for it? $7.99.

She showed it to Wilder Hamm, owner of Save Point Video games in Charlotte, who knew right away what a treasure she had in her hands. Unfortunately for him, she also knew what she was carrying. According to Polygon's report, Hamm was just happy to have seen one in person.

"I felt honored just to hold it," he said. He took a picture of it after telling her he didn't have the funds to purchase it himself, but could try and sell it for her for a commission. Unfortunately for Hamm, she's going to go the Ebay route and sell it herself. Guess she's unaware Ebay likes to take its own chunk of your final sale price.

Now if you'll excuse us, we have some thrift store shopping to do.