A five person team from Vancouver created an utterly unique survival game where you play as a person that has the ability to use sounds to navigate his world. The game, Pulse, has already garnered some awards and serious notice from industry heavyweights. The team is looking to Kickstart $75,000 dollars to finish up the prototype they created as students and release it into the wilds of the video game market.

Pulse looks like nothing you've ever seen before. The aesthetic is utterly its own and the mechanics of how you see the world are simply incredible. It looks to be the most unique and immersive experience we've seen in a long while. The world of Pulse can be in turns hostile and adorable. Mokos are little creatures with wide Disney eyes that help you see the landscape by emitting little sounds. They can be tossed around to help get a better picture of where you are. There are some huge and horrifying monsters lurking around that landscape that make the little Mokos cower in fear.

The gamplay concept of a blind protagonist is simply inspired. We forget just how much we rely on our eyes, especially with gaming. Being able to see and play through a game based on visualized echolocation sounds like an incredible experience. From the looks of the Kickstarter video and what the team has already put together, they have a solid and cohesive vision for moving forward with the final development.

Team Pixel Pi is looking for some cash to help finish development of the game, deal with the legalities of release, and ensure it has polished and professional quality audio. That last one is integral to the game's success, since the title won't excel without an intriguing wall of sound.

For just $10 you can secure yourself a digital copy of the full game when they hope to release it in Nov 2014. That is a small price for what could be one of the most incredible and boundary pushing games ever to be produced.

We'll keep our ears out for any more updates from Pulse. Until then, check out their Kickstarter page and give them a couple bucks so we can see the world through the sounds created by Team Pixel Pi.